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Jim Clark moved up to Alaska from LA 10 years ago. Leaving his Job at ABC as a Producer to raise his family in the Smoky North.  Since then he has worked in fields only Alaska offers; mining gold on the largest placer mine in the state, working on oil and fuel contracts for the North Slope and working with one of the largest hard rock gold mines deep in the Alaska wilderness. With background in film and all things creative Jim and his wife, Kate enjoy bringing new ideas to Fairbanks. Kate’s businesses have included iPad cases to sewing fur. While Jim has settled into his business, GutPile.(currently selling at Sportsmans Warehouse) Hunting and fishing card games that bring his passions of hunting and fishing to the table to play with family and friends. Jim and his wife enjoy raising their three daughters in the state of Alaska while spending his spare time in the outdoors. And When he CAN’T hunt and fish, He plays GutPile where season, is always open.

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