Q. Do I have to be a hunter to play GUTPILE?

A. Absolutely not. GUTPILE engages the experienced hunter or even someone who has never hunted a day in their life. It's enjoyable for everyone.

Q. How many people are needed to play a game.

A. As few as 2 can enjoy a game and you can also play with a large group. Keep in mind though once you play with more than 6 the game play slows down significantly.

Q. What's the difference between a park ranger and the Alaska State Trooper?

A. A park ranger can only be played on your neighbor to your right or left. The Alaska State Trooper may be played on any other player in the game on your turn. Additionally an Alaska State Trooper can be defeated by the donuts card or another Alaska State Trooper can talk it out, you only lose your animals to the discard pile and are let go with a warning.

Q. When can I play the red action cards against other players?

A. Red action cards are played when you discard at the end of your turn. You play the action card to your right or left and that may change the direction of game play and that player loses their turn. The Alaska State Trooper and Stealing the Shot card may be played against anyone in the game.

Q. Someone played an action card against me and I don't have any cards left in my hand. Or I just got a GUTPILE and I don't have any cards left to discard or play.

A. On your next turn draw 5 cards so when you discard you are left with 4 cards. You should always start your turn with a minimum of 4 cards.

Q. How many points are weapon cards worth? Why do they have a range of numbers on them (i.e. 1-5 etc)?

A. When you get a GUTPILE and roll the dice you must roll a number that is in the range shown on the card. The number you roll is your weapon point value. If you have a guide and he is carrying a weapon, that weapon card is worth one additional point. Additionally at the end of the game additional weapon cards in your hand are counted as 1 point each against you. Also pay attention because some weapons may be more difficult to make a shot but if you do then your rolled points may be multiplied.

Q. What is the triangle, 4 sided die used for?

A. When you roll the dice take a look at the bottom side of the triangle die. It will tell you where you shot that animal and just add the additional points to your weapon card points.